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Architectural Columns

Exterior Columns with Mouldings

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At Elite Trimworks, our attention to detail and devotion to the classical orders are absolute. Due to our standards of exacting, we produce columns certain to meet your individual needs. We closely control the quality and preciseness of entasis, projections and profiles of all our exterior columns.

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Our exterior columns with moulding can be used purely for decorative purposes or for their structural load bearing capabilities. Our architectural exterior columns with moulding are true to the classical orders of architecture that most prominent architects and builders are looking for. Many standard design columns are available for corner accents, massive exterior supports and much more.

PVC Column Wraps

pvc wraps

Great looks at low cost made from low maintenance PVC. PVC column wraps are perfect for situations where you have an existing wooden or steel support. These columns come in all shapes and sizes and as the name implies they "wrap" around the existing support. They are non-load-bearing and glue or nail together just like wood but they do not require painting


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Made from a composite of fibreglass and porcelain that lasts a lifetime. 


Columns have the substantial look of cast but lighter, easier to ship, install, and load bearing.


Wood porch posts wood or vinyl, your choice

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