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Occasionally you run into situations where a Wood or MDF trim will not work due to a curve in the wall or a curved stairway. Curved Staircases can be extremely difficult due to the bending required of the trim in order to follow both the curve of the wall and the angle of the stairs at the same time. We also either supply and or install flexible crown mouldings.

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We stock many of the popular used profiles in flexible polyurethane versions. Flexible polyurethane trim will take any curve while still maintaining the profile's original shape without distortion. This polyurethane material cuts, nails and paints just like wood.

NEVER PAY FOR TOOLING OR A MOULD! When you choose from hundreds of profiles in Alexandria's or Moulding & Millwork's catalogue (links at bottom of page) for seamless installation.

Unlike others that require a lead time of 4 to 5 weeks, Elite Mouldings has many profiles in stock in both the wood or flexible versions for immediate pickup. Call us with questions regarding matching your profiles for flexible moulding applications.

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