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Thinking of replacing old rotted wood columns or porch posts? The process of replacing columns has been difficult in the past, but things have changed now that Elite Mouldings has taken on column replacement. We make it easier than ever by offering a Full Service Column Replacement Program.

We offer a wide variety of columns with many options.  Visit our 5,000 square foot showroom tp browse throught our Fibreglass Columnms, Porch Post and PVC Column Wraps. If you already have a wooden or metal support post, we offer 36 designs of PVC Columns Wraps to suit any architectural style.  We manufacture PVC Column right on the premises.


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No time to visit our showroom? We offer free detailed in-home estimates that include absolutely everything you need, right down to the disposal of the existing columns. Our workers are insured and we back up our work with a written warranty, ask your estimator for full details.

With one phone call we take care of everything. Our experienced, insured installers: peel back and reinstall the facia trim, carefully prop up and brace the existing structure, remove the old support, cut and secure the new columns in place (as per manufacturers specifications) to replace them all in one day. Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

We also offer Premium Composite Railings and Balustrades. Available in many colours and sizes to suite any taste. If you are having your columns replaced, you may want to consider new railings especially if you have to pay for labour to reinstall your old railings to the new columns.


Fiberglass Composite Architectural Columns stand up to the elements to maintain their beauty through the years.


Stately HB&G Columns are elegant, bold, are architecturally accurate, and fully load bearing. These Fiberglass Columns are an excellent alternative to traditional wood columns. They are virtually maintenance free. Composite architectural columns are crafted with the most advanced building materials on the market today. They are designed to endure through the years while enhancing your home and increasing its value.

Low Maintenance fibreglass columns are cast from a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer composite with exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics that requires minimum maintenance. They are impervious to insects, warping, cracking, staining, decay and mold.

The only hard part of having your columns replaced is choosing the column that best suits your architectural style. Fiberglass columns are available either round or square, tapered or non tapered, fluted or smooth and in practically any size you like. Priming and painting with an oil-based or latex coating is all that is necessary after installation.

All HB&G fiberglass columns come with a limited lifetime warranty for material and workmanship when properly installed. Lifetime Warranty -HB&G warrants that for the "lifetime" of ownership the column is free from defects in material and workmanship. "Lifetime" means as long as the purchaser owns the structure to which the columns are attached. Visit our photo gallery for before and after pictures of some of our column replacements.

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