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Delivery Policies

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Interior & Exterior

Toronto Rates*

FREE on orders over $1500

  • $60 on orders over $500
  • $80 on orders less than $500

GTA Rates**

FREE on orders over $2000

  • $80 on orders over $500
  • $100 on orders less than $500

Allow 2-3 days, order amounts are before taxes, *Toronto is defined as Vaughan, Concord, Thornhill, Etobicoke, Brampton & Mississauga. **Within the GTA is defined as west to Burlington, east to Whitby, and north to Newmarket.


We Have Extensive Experience in Residential & Commercial Projects

Elite Mouldings is a full service supply and install company specializing in architectural interior and exterior trimwork. We have a wealth of experience and a passion for architecture that we are waiting to share! We Deliver -- Right to Your Site - When You Need It! We Offer Free Shipping on any orders over $1,500 within GTA. Our delivery fees vary throughout Southern Ontario, we shop for the best possible price, call for a quote.

GTA is defined as Burlington to the west, Whitby in the east, and Newmarket to the north. Guaranteed Installation & Completion Date - Up To One Year in Advance! If you're looking for mouldings and are about to move into a new home, chances are that you only have a few days to install your mouldings prior to moving in, and any delays would be problematic. We deliver, on time and on budget.


Want a Pre-Arranged installation Quote?

Locate your plans from your builders web site (most include floor plans), and forward the link on to us. Call or email our sales team and we will provide you with pricing. Should you agree, we would guaranty your installation date for up to a year.


Free Design Services

We have specialized experts standing by that are happy to assist you. Whether you are looking for us to take care of your project, from start to finish, or just help determining how much product you need, we are here to help! For Installation services, located within our Southern Ontario Trading Area, we offer free in home estimates as well for your convenience. If you are outside of our Trading area don't worry, we can help you with everything from sorting how much material you need, to designing a room, and installation questions too! Call us at 416-245-1115, Fax us at 1-888-760-2778 or email us.

Here is what you will need:

  • Measure and sketch your project.
  • Sketch should include, the overall room dimensions, showing where you would like the paneling installed.
  • Describe the work that you would like to do.
  • Indicate window & door locations where applicable.
  • Include your return contact information. If you include your shipping address, we will also include the shipping costs to you as well, should you request.
  • We will send you a material list and a detailed quotation.
  • Turnaround time is two business days for this service.



With interest rates at a historically low level, whether you are just adding wainscoting to one room or renewing the mouldings in your entire home, it makes sense to consider TD Financing Program! Doing the entire job at once not only saves money but it deduces the inconvenience of booking contractors. By applying through us, as opposed to going directly into your branch, you will save time and money! You'll enjoy the security of fixed monthly payments, deferral & rate breakdown options and with the choice of a fixed or variable interest rates. Not only do our loans have a high approval ratio, they are fully open, and competitive in the market place! As a convenience, here is TD Loan Calculatorto help you determine the monthly payment that fits your budget! Contact us to find out more.

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