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We Install Crown Mouldings in Condominiums

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Elite Mouldings recognizes that there are certain restrictions when it comes to installing Crown Mouldings in a Condo. There are issues with concrete walls (which restricts the use of nails or pins), available lengths, transport of lengths in elevators, finding room for cutting, noise restrictions and many other installation issues that may come up depending on the unit. With that in mind, we now offer a full line of Crown Moulding installation for condominiums using our new line of Polyurethane trim which has a few advantages over wood and MDF for condo installations. Due to the space requirements and the mess associated with plaster mouldings, we ruled out that option years ago.

Condo trimwork

MDF or Wood moulding installation in a condo requires additional cost due to the added labour and time involved with bracing the trim to the concrete walls which often includes glued-in-place blocking.

Polyurethane mouldings can be glued directly to the walls, which reduces cost. Elite offers 5" crown mouldings as a stock item for standard 8 foot high ceilings, however the polyurethane mouldings are also available up to 14 foot lengths for taller ceilings and larger rooms. Our trims come in longer 12 foot lengths compared to the 8 foot lengths offered by Big Box stores. This means that you will have fewer seams in your rooms and therefore a lesser chance of the seams splitting and causing unsightly cracks.

The flexibility of Polyurethane, allows longer lengths to be transported in standard elevators, this is not the case with MDF or wood which must be cut down in order to be brought up to your unit and then reassembled.

Elite's staff of experienced professional carpenters will install the polyurethane using braces at each seam; this will prevent cracks and seams from appearing on your installation over time. Our installation includes filling, sanding and caulking of all crown mouldings installed; the trim comes primed and ready for finish painting. All Elite Moulding installations are guaranteed for 1 year on materials and labour.

A common question among high-rise owners, is how do we work around sprinkler heads and smoke alarms. As shown in the image below, we install "returns" on either side.

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